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PostSubject: RP Guidelines   RP Guidelines EmptyMon Feb 15, 2016 6:43 am

The following guidelines will guide RP creations and help ensure that the various RP story lines don't get out of hand and can stay fun for all.
These may change as the forum develops.

1) The creator of the RP should have a stated plot to start. Any Rules for the activities should be clearly stated in the opening presentation.

2) The creator, or specific designates, will act as the moderator of the actions. (See Godmodding below)

3) No godmodding. Godmodding is the act of assuming a player's actions have some specific reactions that are not self evident.
Example 1: "Karen shoots and arrow, hitting her target and killing him." Karen won't know if she hit the target until the moderator tells her that has happened. She can initiate the action, but not the outcome.
Example 2: (Assumes all characters are players)"Bob asked Sarah where she got her gown. Sarah said it was a gift from the King." Bob cannot speak for Sarah. He must wait for her to form and post her own answer to his question.
Nothing will kill a RP, and create problems, like godmodding. Try to avoid it.

4) Story lines should stay within the genre of the game's Realm and settings.Which leads to...

5) Magic and Miracles; sure, why not? But these should be strictly spelled out in the creator's Rules, and very carefully moderated to keep the stories from blowing up and getting out of hand. The game itself has griffons and flame elementals as objects, so it is hard to argue that they can't be allowed in certain RP scenarios. Its your fantasy, have at it.

6) Swearing is permissible, but should be kept to some modicum of decency, and should be used only to enhance a character's development within the action of that character. Swearing for the sake of it is frowned upon and will be moderated if needed.

7) Items used by characters should be actually owned by the character. If you are riding about in Parade Armor, you should own a set in the first place. Don't fly somewhere on a griffon if you don't own one. Etc..

Cool NPC characters can be initiated by the creator and moderated by them. NPC rules should also be stated in the beginning. NPCs by players are usually permitted in RPs, so long as they are few and kept close at hand. Generally, other characters can interact with them, but may do them no harm, nor send them on activities not agreed to by the player to whom they belong. Again-- No Godmodding.

9) Interactions with other characters should be civil, within the realm of the story. RP should not be used to air dirty laundry or abuse others.

10) Threads will be closed after 30 days of inactivity. At that time they can be scored, and any prizes or gifts can be awarded, if that is the desire of the creator.

If issues arise, outside senior members of the Guild can be asked to intervene. I doubt that will happen.
Have fun.
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RP Guidelines
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